International Journal of Nanotechnology and Applications (IJNA)


Volume 2, Number 2-3 (2008)




Analysis of Surface Characteristics of AISI D2 Tool Steel Material Using Carbon Nano Tube

pp. 107-122

Authors: S. Prabhu and B.K. Vinayagam

Effect A Plasma with A Linear Non-Uniform Density Over Reflection, Transmission and Propagation of an Electromagnetic Wave

pp. 123-130
Authors: H. R. Askari and F. Razmjoie 

Effect of Constant Magnetic Field on Second and Third Harmonic Generations in Laser-Plasma Interactions

pp. 131-139
Authors: H R Askari

Effect of carboxylate functional groups on the surface area of SWCNTs
pp. 141-148

Authors: Mpho. S.D. Lekgoathia, Joe Heveling, Willie.G. Augustyna , Stefan.J Husselmana , Phorane.G. Mashaa, Sonia Rossouw

Nano Surface Generation in Grinding Process using Carbon Nano Tube with Lubricant Mixture 

pp. 149-160
Authors: S. Prabhu and B.K. Vinayagam

Effects of Milling Time on The Formation of Nanocrystalline ZNO
pp. 161-165

Authors: O. M. Lemine, A. Alyamani and M. Bououdina






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