International Journal of Nanotechnology and Applications (IJNA)


Volume 4, Number 2 (2010)




Advanced Manufacturing & Nanotechnology
pp. 67-71
Authors: Venkata Ramesh Mamilla and Meda Chandra sekhar

Application of Nanomaterials in Co-ordination with VLSI Design Process
pp. 73-85
Authors:  Shilpa B Shrigiri, V D Mytri and Basavraj M Shrigiri

Finite Element Modeling and Analysis of Armchair Single Wall Carbon Nano Tubes
pp. 87-94
Authors:  S. Prabhu, N. Elayaraja and B.K. Vinayagam

Green Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles from the Unexploited Weed Resources
pp. 95-101
Authors:  N. Roy and A. Barik

Dielectric Properties of Ba2Bi4Ti5O18 by Co-precipitation and Citrate Gel Methods
pp. 103-107
Authors:  B.J. Kalaiselvi

Synthesis of Polymer Film Embedded PbSe Nanorods
pp. 109-115
Authors: Abha Gupta

Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes by Catalytic Decomposition of Ethyne using Co-Zn-Al Catalyst
pp. 117-124
Authors:  Ezekiel D. Dikio, Force Tefo Thema, Charity W. Dikio and Fanyana M. Mtunzi


Various Prospects of Nano Technology
pp. 125-132
Authors:  Tarun Singhal, Deepak Rana, Arvind Dewangan and Nitin Agarwal


An Estimation of Bandwidth for Ieee 802.11 Based Ad Hoc Networks 
pp. 133-145
Authors: K. Vaitheki 


Synthesis and Characterization of Polyindole /ZnO Nanocomposites
pp. 147-152
Authors: K. Jacinth Mispa, P. Subramaniam and R. Murugesan

Effect of Fiber Orientation on Elastic Properties of CNT based Glass/Epoxy Lamina–FEA Approach
pp. 153-162
Authors: B. Ramgopal Reddy, K. Ramji and B. Satyanarayana

Preparation of Withaferin-A loaded PLGA Nanoparticles by Modified Emulsion Diffusion Evaporation Technique
pp. 163-168
Authors: S. Haripriya, E. Vadivel, K. Ilamurugu and R. Venkatachalam




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