International Journal of Mathematical Education (IJoME)



Volume 5 Number 1, (2015)





On Studying Mathematics Effectively

pp. 1-8

Mr. Rajeev G. Sapre, Ms Rucha Jog,


Some Identities Involving Fibonacci and Lucas Sequences

pp. 9-14

Mitharam Rawat, Sandeep Tiwari,  Kiran Sisodiya


Thermal radiation and chemical reaction effects on MHD flow past an exponentially accelerated vertical plate with uniform mass diffusion
Guodong Qu

Unsupervised Shallow Morph-Analyzer for Malayalam Using Recursive Based Approach
Guoliang Song and Serap Kiliç Altun

Simulation of Urban Traffic at Intersection Based on Cellular Automata
Hikmet Dinç

A New Type of Contra Strongly Continuous Functions in Ideal Topological Spaces
Nilgün Paksoy

A Probabilistic Analysis On Time To Recruitment In A Two Grade Manpower System With Correlated Inter-Decision Times And Independent Inter-Exit Times
Füsun Karaçal Temamogullari

Isomorphic Properties of Alpha, Beta and Gamma Product of Fuzzy Graphs
Mehmet Savrunlu





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