International Journal of Mathematical Education (IJoME) 




Volume 8 Number 2 (2018)





Cluster Analysis Applied to the Greatest Barbadian Cricketers

pp. 87-93

Arjun Tan and Marius Schamschula


Fekete-Szego inequality for subclasses of analytic functions bounded by chebyshev polynomial
Yong Zhou

MHD Flow of a Casson Fluid over an Exponentially Inclined Permeable Stretching Surface with Thermal Radiation, Viscous Dissipation and Chemical Reaction

Mansour Alsaleh

Turbulence and Devaney’s Chaos in Interval

Noura Alomar and Monirah Alshreef

Common Fixed Point Theorems under Rational Contraction in Complete G-Metric Space

Abdulrahman Alarifi

MHD Heat and Mass Transfer of the Unsteady Flow of a Maxwell Fluid over a Stretching Surface with Navier Slip and Convective Boundary Conditions

AbdulMalik Al-Salman

Iterative Algorithm to Find the Solution of Multiparameter Matrix Eigenvalue Problem

Jiaye Pan

The Unique Proof Of Beal’s Conjecture By Bablu Regar If Ax + By = C
Yi Zhuang and Shihong Zou






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