International Journal of Materials Sciences (IJoMS)


Volume 12  Number 3,  (2017)





Hydrogen Transmutation of Nickel in Glow Discharge
pp. 405-409
Vladimir K. Nevolin

Mechanical Characterisation of Polyamide 66/Graphite Nanocomposites
pp. 411-420
Aravind K. U., G. Rajendra, Prakash S T and Shivraj J.

Comparison of Seismic Analysis of a Floating Column Building and a Normal Building
pp. 421-431
Y.Abhinay, H.Sudarsana Rao and Vaishali G Ghorpade

Structural and Magnetic Properties of Cr3+ Substituted Nickel Zinc Copper Nano Ferrites
pp. 433-442
B. L. Shinde, V. S. Suryavanshi and K. S. Lohar

Effects of Fiber Type, Weight Percentage Loading and Fiber Size on Impact Strength and Hardness of Wood and Rice Husk Hybrid Composite
pp. 443-460
Rajendra Kumar, Tejeet Singh and Harwinder Singh

Dielectric study of Polyaniline–Ta2O5 Polymer Composites
pp. 461-468
U V Khadke and Sangshetty Kalyane

The effect of comonomer on the photocrosslinking property of 1-(4-(7-Chloroquinolin-4-ylamino) phenyl)acrylate
pp. 469-482
P.Uma a, .Suresh and A.Arun

A Review on Luminescence properties in Eu Doped Phosphate Phosphors
pp. 483-489
B. R. Verma and R.N. Baghel

Designing Aspects with Software in Packaging Industry
pp. 491-497
Tarun Singh

Biomimetic Synthesis and characterization of precipitated CaCO3 nanoparticles using different natural carbonate sources: A novel approach
pp. 499-511
V. Ramasamya, P. Anand and G. Suresh

Case Study for Repair Methodology of Old Industrial Structure Made of Brick Masonry
pp. 513-520
D. Majumdar

Reflectance Properties of Thue-Morse 1-D Dielectric Multilayers
pp. 521-529
J. P. Pandey




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