International Journal of Materials Sciences


Volume 2  Number 1 (2007)




Numerical Evaluation of The Stress Intensity Factors

pp. 1-8 (8)

Authors: Abdelaziz Yazid, Hamouine Abd el madjid and Abou-bekr Nabil


Thermal conductivity of Ge25Bi40Te35 and Ge25Bi40Sb35 Semi conducting in solid and liquid states

pp. 9-16 (8)

Authors: Kh.M. EL-Mokhtar


Optimization of Cryogenic Treatment to Maximize the Wear Resistance of Chrome Silicon Spring Steel by Taguchi Method
pp. 17-28 (12)

Authors: J.D. Darwin, D. Mohan Lal and G. Nagarajan


Competing Mechanisms of the -Rays in the Grain Boundaries of High Temperature Superconductors

pp. 29-39 (11)

Authors: I.M. Obaidat


The Emission Frequency of NANO DOTS
pp. 41-44 (4)

Authors: Srinivas Mantha and S. Vathsal


Numerical Simulation of Hydromagnetic And Heat Transfer During Czochralski Growth of Silicon

pp. 45-52 (8)

Authors: A. Harkati, R. Younsi and D. Ouadjaout


Influence of SiC additions on Mechanical Properties in the Zn-Al alloy (ZA-27)
pp. 53-57 (5)

Authors: R.D. Pruthviraj and P.V. Krupakara


Friction and Wear of Al6061 Containg 10wt.% Sic Metal Matrix Composites
pp. 59-64 (6)

Authors: R.D. Pruthviraj and P.V. Krupakara


Numerical Modelling of The Crack Tip Singularity

pp. 65-72 (8)

Authors: Y. Abdelaziz, N. Abou-bekr and A.M. Hamouine


a-axis I-V characteristics in Bi-2212 whiskers

pp. 73-80 (8)

Authors: F. Hamed and I. M. Obaidat


Experimental and Theoretical Studies on (Pb1-x Cax)TiO3 Ceramics Using FTIR-Spectroscopy

pp. 81-93 (13)

Authors: M.K.Gergs, H.A.Said, M. Donogol and H.A.Aly


Mass Crystallization of Ca5(PO4)3(OH)

pp. 81-93 (13)

Authors: S. Sh. Soulayman






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