International Journal of Materials Sciences


Volume 3  Number 1 (2008)





Study on Aluminum alloy piston reinforced with cast iron insert 
pp. 1-10
Authors: M. Uthayakumar, G. Prabhaharan, S. Aravindan and J.V. Sivaprasad

The effect of AgNO3 filler on the Physical Properties of Polystyrene Films 
pp. 11-24
Authors: A. El-Khodary, A. H. Oraby and A. E. Youssef

Fabrication and Properties of Cobalt-Chromium-HAP composite 
pp. 25-31
Authors: J.B. Shamsul, A.Z. Nur Hidayah and C.M. Ruzaidi

The influence of phosphate ion dopants in corrosion protection properties of polypyrrole coating on mild steel
pp. 33-46
Authors: M. Sabouri, T. Shahrabi and M. Salasi

Microwave Studies on Yttrium Barium Oxalate Crystals 
pp. 47-52
Authors: Soosy Kuryan, Rosalin Abraham and Jayakumari Isac

The effects of sonication time on the Pd(II) ions reduction and the Pd nanoparticles formation
pp. 53-59
Authors: Abderrafik Nemamcha, Hayet Moumeni and Jean Luc Rehspringer

Production of Ti-8Al-1Mo-1V Alloy by Using of New Master Alloys 
pp. 61-67
Authors: Ali Reza Kamali, S.M. Mehdi Hadavi, Hekmat Razavizadeh

Structural and Electronic properties of CuZn, AgZn, and CuxAg1-xZn 
pp. 69-74
Authors: Nazma Ikram, Saima Zaman, Rabia Yousuf, M. Tanveer and Yasir Saeed

Ring Fracture Strength and Hardness in Sintered-Hot Deformed High Carbon Steel Preforms
pp. 75-88
Authors: Syed Ummer M. Thangal, K.S. Pandey, C. Natarajan, and S. Shanmugam

Improvement in Tensile Properties of a Structural Steel by Heat Treatment 
pp. 89-94
Authors: A. Ullah, N. Ikram and A. Salam






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