International Journal of Materials Sciences


Volume 4  Number 6  (2009)




Growth and Characterization of L- lysine Doped Triglycine Sulpho Phosphate (TGSP) crystals

pp. 665-671
Authors: R. Parimaladevi, S. Mohammed Harshul Khan and C. Sekar

Studies on Lead Oxide Nanocrystals Added with Mn2+

pp. 673-684
Authors: K. Ramya Ananthy, K.U. Madhu, M. Vimalan and C.K. Mahadevan

Study of Biphenyldithiol as Current- Switch for Nanoscale Electron Devices

pp. 685-690
Authors: C. Preferenical Kala, D. John Thiruvadigal and P. Aruna Priya

Characterization of Sol Gel Derived Dip Coated Nanocrystalline ZnO Thin Films

pp. 691-696
Authors: S. Shanthi, M. Thambidurai, N. Muthukumarasamy and R. Balasundaraprabhu

Studies on solution grown L-Cysteine Hydrochloride Monohydrate single crystals
pp. 697-706
Authors: M. Loganayaki, R. Siddheswaran, V. Sivashankar, T. Bharthasarathi and P. Murugakoothan

Effect of Pb2+ As Impurity on the Optical Properties of CdO Quantum DOTS
pp. 707-716
Authors: K.J. Abhirama, K.U. Madhu, M. Vimalan and C.K. Mahadevan

Dielectric Relaxation studies of Acetonitrile with Monoalcohols in Benzene
pp. 717-722
Authors: K. Sarojini and T. Thenappan

Experimental Study on Adhesively Bonded T-joints in Polyvinyl Chloride Windows
pp. 723-744
Authors: M.V.Aditya Nag, V.Raj Kumar Goud, D.Pavan Kumar, K.S.Kasyap and    Ramakrishna S

Studies on the Fabrication and Characterization of Heat 
pp. 745-754
Authors: Treated Copper Hexadecafluoro Phthalocyanine Thin Films Raji Koshy, T. G. Gopinathan and C. S. Menon

Studies On CdO Nanocrystals
pp. 755-764
Authors: M. Priya and C.K. Mahadevan

Growth and Characterization of Halogen Based non-linear Optical Single Crystal Containing SCN Chromophore
pp. 765-769
Authors: K.Rajarajan and P.Sagayaraj

Growth and Chracterisation of Ferro Elastic Crystal Tetramethyl Ammonium Tetrachloro Cuprate-II
pp. 771-777
Authors: S. Devashankar, L. Mariappan, P. Sureshkumar and M. Rathnakumari

Growth, Optical and Electrical Properties of Tri-Allylthiourea Mercury Bromide (ATMB) Single Crystal
pp. 779-786
Authors: I. Vetha Potheher, K. Rajarajan, R. Jeyasekaran and P. Sagayaraj

Growth, Optical and Thermal Properties Pure and Amino Acid Doped Ammonium pentaborate NLO single crystals
pp. 787-795
Authors: G. Mani, K.Rajarajan, S.Selvakumar, P. Sagayaraj and R. Mohan

Experimental Studies on The Dielectric, A.C. Conductivity and Photoconductivity Behavior of BI-Metallic Thiocyanate-Thiourea Complex TMTM single crystal
pp. 797-801
Authors: K. Rajarajan, I. Vetha Potheher, R. Jeyasekaran, G. Mani,  M. Gulam Mohammed and P. Sagayaraj

Green Photoluminescence from Chemically Synthesized Zinc Oxide Nanostructures

pp. 803-806
Authors: Pijus Kanti Samanta, S. K. Patra and P. Roy Chaudhuri

Dispersion of Aggregated Carbon Nanotubes Suspended in Liquid Crystal medium via Electric Fields

pp. 807-811
Authors: Miyoung Kim, Anoop Kumar Srivastava, Eun Mi Jo, Woo Il Kim, and Seung Hee Lee

Photoplastic After Effect In II-VI Semi Conductor
pp. 813-822
Authors: Anubha Singh Gour and B.P. Chandra





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