International Journal of Oceans and Oceanography (IJOO)



Volume 11 Number 1,  (2017)






Energy Efficient Data Assemblyin Gateways with Mobile Sink in Wireless Sensor Network
pp. 1-20
Narendran M and Dr. P. Prakasam

Diversity of Stoloniferan Coral (Stolonifera) at Lirang Island, Southwest Maluku (Moluccas), Indonesia.
pp. 21-30
Teguh Agustiadi1 and Oktiyas Muzaky Luthfi

Ethnoecological Study of Mangroves along the Estuaries of Rajapur and Devgad Tehsils, Coastal Maharashtra
pp. 31-44
Nisha R. Mugade, Jagdish B. Sapkale

Macrobenthic assemblages across a gradient of seagrass habitat in Swan Lake, China
pp. 45-61
Qingxi HAN, Qinggong HAN, Junyong ZHENG, Qinying HAN

Community Structure and Economic Evaluation Mangrove Village In Bengkalis District
pp. 63-74
Zulkarnaini, Zulfan Saam, Victor Amrivo and Dan Miswadi


Utilization of Fish Protein Concentrate from Patin Fish (Pangasius hypopthalmus) on street foods for Under Five Years Children at Kampar District, Riau Province
pp. 75-88
Dewitaa, Syahrula, Suparmia and Suardi Lukman

State of the Art of Parameters for Mechanical Design of an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
pp. 89-103
F. Aguirre, S. Vargas, D. Valdés and J. Tornero

Oceanic Image Dehazing based on Red Color Priority using Segmentation Approach
pp. 105-119
S. B. Borkar and S. V. Bonde


[DT-MSVM]: Morphological Characters Based Oil Spill Detection from Radarsat-2 SAR Satellite Dataset
pp. 121-137
J.Senthil Murugan and V.Parthasarathy







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