International Journal of Oceans and Oceanography (IJOO)



Volume 11 Number 2,  (2017)





A Revision to the Diagnostic Characters of Metapenaeus brevicornis (Milne Edwards, 1837)
pp. 139-145
Angsuman Chanda

A Technique for Parameter Identification, classification and structuring of Marine Genomics and Oceanographic mutations
pp. 147-158
Soumya Mahalakshmi A, Shantha Rangaswamy, Karthik S P, Madhuri N Kirani and Himanshu Tanwar

Evaluation of Temperature and Ocean Currents within Hybrid Coordinate Ocean Model (HYCOM) Using Rama Mooring Buoys Data in Indian Ocean
pp. 159-173
Nishtha Agrawal and Vivek Kumar Pandey

Biodiversity of Fish in the Waters of Lake Village, China Reed, Hulu Siak District, District Kampar
pp. 175-188
Sukendi, Ridwan Manda Putra and Eddiwan

Effect of Granting Ovaprim with Different Dosage to Ovulation and Eggs Quality of Knife Fish (Notopterus notopterus)
pp. 189-199
Ade Yulindra, Ronal P. Lumbantoruan, Zulkifli and Sukendi

Comparative Study of Economic Value Post Cantrang Moratorium on the Waters of the Gulf of Bone and Makassar Straits, South Sulawesi Province
pp. 201-215
Sri Suro Adhawati, Aris Baso, Achmar Malawa and A. Adri Arief

The Role of Green Chemistry in Controlling Environmental and Ocean Pollution
pp. 217-229
Rummi Devi Saini

Sensitivity of Phytolankton to the Wastewater Quality Discharging at Lake Manzala, Egypt

pp. 231-247

Ahmed M. Abdel Monem, Mohamed M. Gharieb, Abd-Ellatif M. Hussian and Naser S. Flefil


Performance evaluation of lineament extraction methods in ASTER satellite images

pp. 249-263

Sukumar M and Nelson Kennedy Babu C


Distribution and Fishing Pressure of Hard Clam, Meretrix Meretrix in Marudu Bay, Sabah

pp. 265-276

Tan Kar Soon, Ong Fang Sing, Delta Jenetty Denil and Julian Ransangan


Fatty Acid Profile of Betok Fish Oil (Anabas Testudineus)

pp. 277-283

Radiyati Umi Partan, Eddy mart salim and Rachmat Hidayat


The Potential Role of Seluang Fish Oil (Rasbora Spp) in Improving Calcium, Zinc and Vitamin D3 Deficiencies

pp. 285-291

Radiyati Umi Partan, Eddy mart salim and Rachmat Hidayat






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