International Journal of Oceans and Oceanography (IJOO)



Volume 14 Number 1,  (2020)





Development of Mouth Opening and Digestive Enzyme Activities in Sheatfish (Ompok hypopthalmus) Larvae
pp. 1-8
Usman Muhammad Tang, Hamdan Alawi, Heri Masjudi, Muhammad Fauzi

Study on distribution of Cysts of Harmful Algal Blooms-forming algae at Sohar Industrial Port, Sea of Oman
pp. 9-16
A. Al-Kharusi, K.A. Al-Hashmi and S. Dobrestov

Analysis of Bajomulyo Coastal Fishing Harbor Development in Pati Regency, Central Java, Indonesia
pp. 17-32
Rofik Muammar, Herry Boesono and Pujiono Wahyu Purnomo

Interaction of physicochemical parameters and the blue crab Portunus pelagicus (Linnaeus, 1758) in the Arabian Gulf
pp. 33-76
Gaber Ahmad Ibrahim, Abdallah Ahmad Atallah and Nael Mohammed Gazi Anbtawi


Seasonal and Interannual Variations of Sardine Catches along the Omani Coast
pp. 77-99
Saud M. Al Jufaili and Sergey A. Piontkovski


Design of a Rectangular Microstrip Patch Antenna with Edge Feeding Technique for Marine Applications
pp. 101-108
V. Nandalal, N.Sathishkumar, T.Manikandan, V. Anand Kumar and G.Indhumathi

Computational Methods for Long Term Monitoring of New Production and f-ratio Variability in Bay of Bengal
pp. 109-124
D. Poornima, R. Shanthi, R. Ranith, R.K. Sarangi, A. Saravanakumar and T. Thangaradjou

Stepped Submerged Offshore Breakwaters for Wave Energy Dissipation
pp. 125-137
Sarhan, Th. E.


Distribution of 222RN on the Continental Shelf in Southern Brazil and its Relation with Groundwater Discharge
pp. 139-156
Mariana Farias de Souza, Carlos Francisco Ferreira de Andrade, Mariele Lopes de Paiva, Luis Felipe Hax Niencheski, Rosalia Barili

Field and satellite observations on the seasonal variability of the surface chlorophyll-a in the Bay of La Paz, Gulf of California, Mexico
pp. 157-167
Elizabeth Durán-Campos, María Adela Monreal-Gómez, David Alberto Salas de León and Erik Coria-Monter

Physics of Tsunami: Generation, Propagation and Rise of the Ocean
pp. 169-182
Swapan Kr. Barman






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