International Journal of Oceans and Oceanography (IJOO)



Volume 1 Number 1,  (2006)




Contributing to the WSSD Targets on Oceans and Coasts in West and Central Africa: The Guinea Current Large Marine Ecosystem Project
pp. 1-26
Chika N. Ukwe, Chidi A. Ibe, Peter C. Nwilo and Pablo A. Huidobro

Primary Production off Kuwait, an Arid Zone Environment, Arabian Gulf
pp. 27-49
F. Al-Yamani, D.V. Subba Rao, A. Mharzi, W. Ismail and K. Al-Rifaie

Effects of Surface Microlayer and Sediment Water Interface Layer on the Nutrient Species in the Eastern Harbour of Alexandria
pp. 51-63
Massoud A. H. Saad and A. A. Abdel Wahed

Biomachinery for maintaining water quality and natural water self-purification in marine and estuarine systems: elements of a qualitative theory
pp. 65-76
S.A. Ostroumov

Antagonistic effect of marine Nocardia brasiliensis against the fish pathogen Vibrio damsela: Application of Plackett- Burman experimental design to evaluate factors affecting the production of the antibacterial agent.
pp. 77-89
Nermeen A. El-sersy and Gehan M. Abou-Elela

Sedimentary Strata and Clay Mineralogy of Continental Shelf Mud Deposits in the East China Sea
pp. 91-106
Jeung-Su Youn Jong-Chul Byun and Soo-Hyoung Lee

Some characteristic features of the Eastern Mediterranean Crust
pp. 107-119
Amr Zakaria Hammouda

Impact of Umum Drain on zooplankton community structure in Max Bay, Alexandria, Egypt
pp. 121-138
Asgad M. Soliman

Effect of freshwater flow on the succession and abundance of phytoplankton in Rosetta Estuary, Egypt
pp. 139-158
Samiha Mahmoud Gharib

Eutrophication stress on phytoplankton community in the Western Harbour of Alexandria, Egypt
pp. 159-176
S.M. Gharib and M.M. Dorgham

Fine structure and change in protein patterns of testes during maturation stages of Solea vulgaris in Egyptian Mediterranean waters using electrophoresis and isoelectric focusing
pp. 177-192
Samira, S. Assem and A. Al-Absawy Mohamed






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