International Journal of Oceans and Oceanography (IJOO)



Volume 2  Number 2 (2007)





Heavy metals in some fish species and bivalves from the Mediterranean coast of Egypt

pp. 213-224

M. A. Shriadah, L. A. Mohamed and M. A. Fahmy


Review of Spawning Studies of Some Commercially Important Marine Organisms in the Coastal Waters of Bahrain

pp. 225-244

Hashim. A. Al-Sayed


Detecting Oil Slicks in the Nile Delta Area Using Image Processing of ERS SAR Data

pp. 245-254

Ayman H. Nasr and Mahmoud H. Ahmed


Trace metal concentration in water, sediments and macroalgae species in the intertidal zone of Suez Bay, Red Sea, Egypt

pp. 255-269

Khalid Mohamed El-Moselhy and Adel Amer Nihah Galal El-Din Shams El-Din


Reproductive, Toxicological and Haematological Response of Siganus rivulatus to El-Tabia Pump Station Effluent

pp. 271-289

Moharram, S.G., Wahbi, O.M. and El-Greisy, Z.A


Evaluation of Corrosion Rate of ZA-27/SiC in Marine Water

pp. 291-295



Accumulation of Metals in Sediments of Ariake Bay, Japan

pp. 297-311

Masaaki Tabata, Abdul Ghaffar and Jun nishimoto


Heavy Metals Concentrations and Biological Characters of Some Fish Species in the Mediterranean Coast of Egypt

pp. 313-344

M. Sayed Ahmed, L. Shakweer, H. A. E. Hemaida and A. AlSayes


Climatic Oscillations and Sea Level Fluctuations Since Middle Holocene in Bay of Bengal, India: Implications of Palynology at Century to Millennial Scale

pp. 345-371

Anjum Farooqui, M. Venkateshwara, D. Rajashekhar Reddy and S. Chakraborty


Marine Debris around the coastal areas of Bahrain

pp. 373-391

Khadija Zainal, Ismail Al-Madany and Waheed Zainal






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