International Journal of Oceans and Oceanography


Volume 4 Number 1 (2010)




Distribution and Assemblages of Heavy Mineral Suites, SE India 
pp. 1-15
Authors: S. Saravanan and N. Chandrasekar

Sonic Layer Depth Variability in the Arabian Sea 
pp. 17-28
Authors: T. V. S. Udaya Bhaskar, Debadatta Swain and M. Ravichandran

Solvent Extraction and Spectrophotometric Determination of Pigments of Some Algal Species from the Shore of Puthumadam, Southeast Coast of India
pp. 29-34
Authors: P. Kumar, C.M. Ramakritinan and A.K. Kumaraguru

Wind sea and Swell Characteristics off East coast of India During Southwest Monsoon
pp. 35-44
Authors: R. R. V. Suresh, K Annapurnaiah, K. G. Reddy, T. N. Lakshmi, and T.M. Balakrishnan Nair


SolitaryWave Solutions of the Peregrine Equation 
pp. 45-54
Authors: Laila Girgis, Essaid Zerrad and Anjan Biswas

Preponderance of heterotrophic Noctiluca scintillans during a multi-species diatom bloom along the southwest coast of India
pp. 55-63
Authors: K. B. Padmakumar, G. SreeRenjima, C. L. Fanimol, N. R. Menon and V. N. Sanjeevan




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