International Journal of Oceans and Oceanography (IJOO)


Volume 7 Number 1,  (2013)





Community-based Hazard Vulnerability Assessment in Coastal Area: A Case Study on Mousuni Island of Sundarban Delta

pp. 1-8

Authors: Debabrata Mondal and Suman Kumar Kundu


WAM Validation Studies in the North Indian Ocean using NCMRWF Analyzed Wind Fields

pp. 9-31 

Authors: J. Swain, J. K. Panigrahi, P. A. Umesh, M. Baba, A. S. N. Murty and A. N. Balchand


Observed Thermal Inversions and Associated Oceanographic Features in the Coastal Waters off North East Coast of India

pp. 33-46 

Authors: J. Swain, P. A. Umesh, J. K. Panigrahi and A. N. Balchand


Comparison of Oceansat-2 Winds with RAMA buoy Measurements in the Indian Ocean

pp. 47-55 

Authors: Siddharth Swain and Nandu Sivadasan


Nature of the tide induced flow field along the East Coast of India 

pp. 57-71

Authors: Susant Kumar Misra, P. Chandramohan, A. Satyanarayana Murty, Jitendra Kumar Panigrahi and R.Mahadevan


N2O Flux From South Andaman Mangroves And Surrounding Creek Waters 

pp. 73-82

Authors: Jennifer Immaculate Divia, Neetha V., Hariharan G., Kakolee B., Purvaja V., Ramesh R.


GIS Application in Land Use Planning of Vijayawada Urban Area

pp. 83-92

Authors: Dr. Kiran Yarrakula, Santhosh Reddy Yekola and K. Leela Krishna






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