International Journal of Oceans and Oceanography (IJOO)


Volume 7 Number 2,  (2013)





Coastal upwellings and Mesoscale Eddies of the Western Arabian Sea: Some Biological Implications

pp. 93-115

Authors: S.A. Piontkovski and S. Al-Jufaili


Seasonal and Interannual Changes in Epipelagic Ecosystem of the Western Arabian Sea

pp. 117-120

Authors: S.A. Piontkovski, M.R. Claereboudt and S.Al-Jufaili


Assessment of Surface Water Quality in Muttukadu Coastal Regions, Chennai of Southern India using Factor Analysis 

pp. 131-141

Authors: Mehfooza Munavar and V. Pattabiraman


INCOIS Live Access Server: A Platform for Serving the Geospatial Data of Indian Ocean

pp. 143-151

Authors: R Devender, TVS Udaya Bhaskar, E Pattabhi Rama Rao and BV Satyanarayana
















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