International Journal of Philosophy and Social Sciences (IJPSS)


Volume 1, Number 1  (2016)




Indian Philosophy and Social Work: Some Interfaces
pp. 1-19
Samta P. Pandya

Khora as a New Method in Art and Architecture Field
pp. 21-32
Yuke Ardhiati

Guidelines For Exploring An Unknown World: The Universality of Military Principles
pp. 33-51
Kai Jiang

Religious and Fictional Narratives: An Ontological Comparison with Reference to Max Weber’s “Disenchantment of the World”
pp. 53-62
Jibu Mathew George

Social Change Philosophies in the Indigenous Context: A Historical Review
pp. 63-85
Samta P. Pandya

The Great Britain Purposes of Baluchistan Disintegrating
pp. 87-98
Maryam Ebrahimi





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