International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (IJTAM)


Volume 12, Number 2  (2017)





A GIS-based Methodology to Delineate Potential Areas for Groundwater Development: A Case Study on Sarade Gadda sub-watershed, Rajam North-Coastel Andhra Pradesh
pp. 191-208
Ch. Ramesh and Ch Kannam Naidu

Study on Heat Transfer during Rectangular Slot Air Jet Impingement on Curved Surfaces
pp. 209-226
Satheesha V, B.K Muralidhara and C.K Umesh

Risk Assessment of Natural Gas Gathering Station & Pipeline Network
pp. 227-242
R.Tamil Selvan and Nehal Anwar Siddqui

Real Time Object Recognition System
pp. 241-266
Pradeep Jain and Meenu

An Analysis of Rejected Heat from the Condenser of conjugal Refrigerator
pp. 267-274
Narender Kumar, Neeraj Grover, Virender Chahal, Mohit Taneja and Pardeep

Impact of Lean Strategies on Different Industrial Lean Wastes
pp. 275-286
Virender Chahal and M.S. Narwal

Analyzing Agility of an Indian Manufacturing Enterprise (A Case Study)
pp. 287-302
Neeraj Grover, Virender Chahal, Narender Kumar, Mohit and Pardeep

A Speculative Model for Leanness Measurement in Manufacturing Industry
pp. 303-309
Virender Chahala, Amit Guptab, Manjit Singhb and Sandeep Jindal

Evaluation and Selection of Lot Sizing Techniques using SAW Approach for Indian Automobile Industries
pp. 311-318
Amit Guptaa, Manjit Singha, Sandeep Jindala and Virender Chahal

Modeling of Bead Geometry Parameters in Submerged Arc Welding of Austenitic and Duplex Stainless Steels
pp. 319-329
Sandeep Jindala, Amit Guptaa, Manjit Singha and Virender Chahal


Finite Element Analysis of an Aluminium Alloy Sheet in a V-Die Punch Mechanism Considering Spring-Back Effect
pp. 331-342
Shirish Ghimire, Yogesh Emeerith, Rohit Ghosh, Sushovan Ghosh and Rabindra Nath Barman

An Efficient System on Morphological Operations to Detect Vehicles
pp. 343-355
Mallikarjun Anandhalli and Vishwanth P.Baligar

Hyperspectral Analysis of Soil Total Nitrogen using PLSR Method: A Review
pp. 357-364
Ashwini Dilip Padmanabhi and R. R. Deshmukh

Micro Structure and Mechanical Behavior of AL-7075-T6 and Fly Ash Metal Matrix Composite Produced by Stir Casting Process
pp. 365-374
F. Anand Raju and M.L.S. Deva Kumar





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