International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (IJTAM)


Volume 12, Number 4  (2017)




Overview of Multi- Criteria Decision Making Techniques
pp. 677-680
Rahul Sindhwani and Vasdev Malhotra

Flame Characteristics of Commercial Fuels With Respect to Single Droplet Combustion - For Spray Applications
pp. 681-697
Shah Shahood Alam and Arees Qamareen

Stress Analysis on a Chairlees Chair
pp. 699-708
Dittakavi Tarun, V. Mohan Srikanth, R. Jithendra Kumar, I Mehar Anudeep and S. Srikanth

Helical Spring Design Optimization in Dynamic Environment Based on Nature Inspired Algorithms
pp. 709-739
Godwin Raja Ebenezer N, Saravanan R, Ramabalan S and Navaneethasanthakumar S

A Review of Principles and Illustration of the Physical Working Model of Magnetic Levitation
pp. 741-758
Manjeet Kumar Tummalapalli, Srujan Roha Kommula, Pratyush Sagiraju, Vijay Vantakula and A S R Murty

Elliptical Magnetic Binary Problem when the Primaries are Oblate Spheroids
pp. 759-767
Mohd Arif

A Methodolgy of Fatigue Analysis of Pressure Vessels by FEA
pp. 769-783
Ravi Krishnamoorthy, Naman Shukla, Deepak Taneja and Sunny Bhardwaj

Ingestion dose due to primordial radionuclides in the food crops grown in HBRA in Kerala
pp. 785-795
Reeba Maria Jose, Anilkumar S and Jojo P J

Ferro Fluid Squeeze Film in Rough Porous Circular plates considering the effect of viscosity variation and velocity Slip
pp. 797-804
Ankit S. Acharya, R.M. Patel and G.M.Deheri

Estimation & Mitigation of Power Quality Issues in Transmission Systems with an Advanced Compensation Methods
pp. 805-820
G. Devadasu and M. Sushama

Design And Analysis of Solar Powered Automated Green House
pp. 821-827
P.Karthikeyan, E.Mohanraj and P.Prabhu

Automatic Water Distribution System Using Ultrasonic Flow Meter
pp. 829-832
S.S.Walwekar, R.V.Ambekar and S.V. Kulkarni

Optimization of Selection Parameters through QFD-AHP-TOPSIS Methodology
pp. 833-844
Jandel S. Yadav and Anshul Gangele

Flexural Behavior Of Fly Ash-Slag Based Reinforced Geopolymer Concrete Slabs Cured At Room Temperature
pp. 845-856
Mahantesh NB, Amarnath. K and Raghuprasad. B K

Agile Manufacturing System: An Introduction
pp. 857-861
Rahul Sindhwani and Vasdev Malhotra


Development of a code to generate randomly distributed short fiber composites to estimate mechanical properties using FEM

pp. 863-872

Biju Balan, Babu Reddy and K Badari Narayana




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