International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (IJTAM)


Volume 13, Number 1  (2018)





Humidity-Controlling and Deodorizing Effects of Yellow Loess Plastering as Finishing Materials
Yanyan Xu and Haoran Yu

Evaluation of the Relationship Between Culture and Traditional Architecture and its Effects on Design Quality Improvement.

Boyang Yang

Model for Optimization Elements System for Screening of Cylindrical Hydroacoustic Aerials
Xuping Wang, Xuping Wang, Jian Qiu and Tong Li

Experimental Investigation of Electrical Discharge Machining using Dielectric Fluid with Surfactant and Different Carbon Additives
Junhu Ruan

Determination of the Existence of Rock Cavities Method Based on Geoelectric Method (2D) in the Karangputih Hill Indarung West Sumatra Indonesia.
Fei Guan and Long Peng

The Harmonic Structure of the Magnetomotive Force of the Linear Induction Motor with Transverse Magnetic Flux
Luc Perneel, Hasan Fayyad-Kazan, Martin Timmerman, Hong-Jian Yin and Hai Yu

Effect of Enzymes on the Unconfined Compressive Strength of Soil
Yu-Li Zhao

Deployment of Roadside Units based on Markov Clustering Algorithm
Zhi-Liang Zhu




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