International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (IJTAM)


Volume 13, Number 4  (2018)




Approximate Solution of Externally Pressurized Functionally Graded Thick Cylinder

pp. 259-270

Lakshman Sondhi, Shubhashis Sanyal and Shubhankar Bhowmick

Design of Flywheel for Maximization of Storage Energy using ANSYS
David W. Chadwick

Electrostrictive Energy In Cancer Cells Modelling Based On Nyquist Criterion
Francois Barrere

Experimental Evaluation of MR Brake with Elliptical Profile

Abdelmalek Benzekri and Mustafa Kaiiali

Development Of Ecological Monitoring System Of Environmental Energy Pollution

Adib Habbal, Dongmin Kim and Ik Rae Jeong

Development of Well Killing Technology During Well Service on Oil,Gas and Condensate Fields With Carbonate Reservoirs

Emir Husni and Seunghwan Chang

Preparation and Characterization of Non Asbestos Brake Pads

Hyang-Sook Lee, Juhee Lee and Seongan Lim





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