International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics


Volume 2, Number 1-2 (2007)




Direct shearing of granular media: experimental analysis on real and analogical materials

pp. 1-15

Authors: Khedidja. Ait Mokhtar, Jerome. Fortin, Nadir.Laradi and N.E.Abriak


Effect of External Constraint on Buckling Behavior of Welded Thin Shells 

pp. 17-28

Authors: S. Ziaee, M.H. Kadivar and K. Jafarpur


Few Exact Solutions for Unsteady Viscous Flows 

pp. 29-37

Authors: Muhammad R. Mohyuddin, Ahmad Faris Ismail and M.Azram


Shear Waves Due To A Point Source In Fibre-Reinforced Medium 

pp. 39-50

Authors: A. Chattopadhyay, R. L. K. Venkateswarlu and Pato Kumari


Modified Quarter Point Finite Element: Mathematical and Numerical Approaches

pp. 51-58

Authors: Abdelaziz Yazid, Abou-bekr Nabil and Hamouine Abd El Madjid


Axisymmetric Dynamic Buckling of FGM Shallow Spherical Caps 

pp. 59-70

Authors: Sompon Taeprasartsit and Katsumi Tao


Development and Characterization of Natural (Palmyra) Fibre Reinforced Composite

pp. 71-80

Authors: K.M.Gupta and Arunesh K Srivastava


Palmyra (Natural Fibre) and Glass (Synthetic Fibre) Reinforced Hybrid Composite

pp. 81-88

Authors: K.M.Gupta and Arunesh K Srivastava


Analytic approximations for unsteady boundary-layer flow adjacent to permeable stretching surface in a porous medium

pp. 89-97

Authors: A. El-Nahhas


A Study of Forced Boundary Layer Self-Similarity by means of DNS

pp. 99-112 

Authors: M.J. Maghrebi, A.Zarghami and M.Feizabadi Farahani


Mounted in a Horizontal Channel Mixed Convection Air Cooling of Electronic Components

pp. 113-125

Authors: A. Hamouche and R. Bessa?h





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