International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics


Volume 4, Number 3 (2009)




Different Codal Provisions of Reinforced Concrete Beam Column Joints Subjected to Seismic Loads
pp. 235-246
Authors: Yogesh D. Patil, H.S. Patil and M.N.K.A. Raju

Integration of Material Design and Product Design A FEA based approach
pp. 247-264
Authors: K. Soorya Prakash, S.S. Mohamed Nazirudeen, M. Joseph Malvinraj and T. Manohar

Peristaltic Pumping of a Two-layered Particulate Suspension in a Circular Cylindrical Tube
pp. 265280
Authors: Amit Medhavi and U. K. Singh

Heat and Mass Transfer Over an Accelerating Surface with Heat Source in Presence of Magnetic Field
pp. 281-293
Authors: A. A. Samaan

Propagation of Sh-Type Waves in Three Layered Medium Including a Fluid-Saturated Porous Solid Stratum
pp. 295-304
Authors: P. C. Pal and Banti Sen

Mathematical Model of Aqueous Humor Flow in Posterior Chamber of The Eye
pp. 305-319
Authors: Ram Avtar and Rashmi Srivastava

Evaluation of Drawing Stresses in Fluid Assisted Deep Drawing Process 
pp. 321-334
Authors: R. Uday Kumar, P. Ravinder Reddy and A. V. Sita Ramaraju





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