International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics


Volume 6, Number 1 (2011)




Micromechanical Prediction of Poissonís Ratio Effect on FRP Composites Under Transverse Loading
pp. 1-6
Authors: P. Phani Prasanthi and V. Bala Krishna Murthy

Automation of Cam and Follower Machine 
pp. 7-10
Authors: J.P. Modak, G.D. Mehta, Atul Meshram and Promod L. Nichat

Implementation of Quality Circle - A Case Study
pp. 11-17
Authors: Munish Mehta, Janender Kumar and Satish Kumar

Nonlinear Dynamics of Plants Vibrating Under Wind Effects
pp. 19-36
Authors: P.K. Talla, J.S. Mabekou, A. Fomethe, G.L. Gbaguidi Aisse,
E. Foadieng, G.N. Bawe and A. Foudjet

Radiation and Mass Transfer Effects on MHD Oscillatory Flow of a Chemically Reacting Fluid in a Channel Filled with Porous Medium
pp. 37-46
Authors: S. Suneetha, P. Bala Anki Reddy and N. Bhaskar Reddy

Two-Dimensional Theoretical Modeling of Anisotropic Wear in Carbon/Epoxy FRP Composites: Comparison with Experimental Data
Authors: A. Chennakesava Reddy and M. Vidya Sagar

ShearWave Interaction by Edge Crack
pp. 59-68
Authors: Sanjoy Basu and S.C. Mandal

MHD Flow of Visco-Elastic Fluid between a Stretching Sheet and an Oscillatory Porous Parallel Plate with Constant Suction
pp. 69-82
Authors: Rita Choudhury and Hridi Ranjan Deb

Non Conventional - Energy Cooling for Rural Development
pp. 83-88
Authors: Radhey Sham, L.C. Singal and T.K. Jindal

Simulation and Numerical Investigation of Elasto-Plastic Analysis of an Edge Crack using FEM and EFGM
pp. 89-101
Authors: B. Aswani Kumar, Ch. Raghuveer, M. Vijaya Sekhar Babu and K.M.K Chowdary


Design and Fabrication of Solar Chimney Collector for 100W
pp. 103-107
Authors: Umesh Garg, Vikas Jindal, Anuj Mittal and Yashpal Jindal

Effetcs of Fibre Content on Some Mechaical Properties of Kenaf/Polyester Resin Composites
pp. 109-115
Authors: A. Danladi and T.S. Utenwojo





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