International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (IJTAM)


Volume 7, Number 1 (2012)




Variation of Pinch Point, Stack Temperature on the Efficiency of Combined Cycle Gas-Steam Power Plant


Authors: K.P. Tyagi and M.N. Khan


Active Vibration Suppression of Piezoelectric Laminated Beam based on Efficient Finite Element Model using LQG Controller

PP. 9-24

Authors: Najeeb ur Rahman and M. Naushad Alam


Analytical and Numerical Modeling of Cantilever Beams Made of Isotropic Polymer, Mild Steel, and Aluminum under Lateral Vibration Along With ANSYS Analysis Comparison

pp. 25-33

Authors: Emad. Iranmanesh and V.S.Jadhav


Effect of Gear Parameters on the Stress in Metal Helical Gears

pp. 35-50

Authors: Toni Jabbour, Ghazi Asmar, Mohammad Abdel Wahab and Hussein Rammal


Ultrasonic Lamb waves in transversely isotropic Piezoceramic lamina
pp. 65-76
Authors: Ashok Dahiya and Anil K. Vashishth


Finite Element Analysis of Blind Flanges
pp. 77-88
Authors: Abhishek Goyal, Gaurav Gosain, B.B. Arora and Rakesh Kumar


Testing Method to Determine Thermal Performance of Flat Plate Solar Collectors
pp. 89-100
Author: A K Berwal





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