International Journal of Applied Mathematical Sciences (JAMS)


Volume 6, Number 2  (2013)





Solving nonlinear polynomial systems in the triangular Bernstein-Bézier forms
pp. 105-116
Author: R. Sharma

Production Inventory Model for Deteriorating Item with Production Disruption and Shortage
pp. 117-126
Authors: K. Prasad and B. Mukherjee

Rescheduling of Railways Timetable based on Circulation Scheme
pp. 127-134
Authors: Alok Saxena and B.K.Singh

On Special Transcendental Equation:

pp. 135-139

Authors: M.A. Gopalan, S. Vidhyalakshmi and A. Kavitha


Mathematical Modelling of Response Amplitude Operator for Coupled Sway and Yaw Motions of a Floating Body in Regular Waves using Frequency and Time Based Analysis
pp. 141-151
Authors: Masoud Baghfalaki, Samir K. Das and S. N. Das

Study of Hypernormal Curves on a Kaehlerian Recurrent Hypersurface of First Order
pp. 153-159
Authors: K.S. Rawat and Nitin Uniyal

A JELS Probabilistic Model for One Vendor One Customer Situation
pp. 161-168
Author: Dr. Mamata Kuila




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