International Journal of Applied Mathematical Sciences (JAMS)



Volume 7, Number 1  (2014)





Characterization of Probability Distributions through Contrast of Record Statistics

pp. 1-4

Authors: M. Faizan and M. I. Khan


Pointwise Statistical Convergence

pp. 5-9

Authors: Sumita Gulati and Mini


A Note on the Construction of Some Balanced Crossover Designs
pp. 11-14
Author: Joseph G Pigeon

Study of Thermal Effect on Unsteady Flow of a Visco-Elastic Fluid under Pulsatile Pressure Gradient
pp. 15-32
Authors: nK.R. Madhura and G. Kalpana

Fuzzy Shortest Path Method Using Level  Triangular LR Intuitionistic Fuzzy Numbers
pp. 33-39
Authors: R. Sophia Porchelvi and G. Sudha

Exact Solution of the(3+1) dimensional nonlinear Schrodinger Equation Using Projected Differential Transform Method
pp. 41-46
Author: Salih M. Elzaki

Numerical Approximation of Curvature of Curves
pp. 47-49
Authors: S. B. Sahoo, M. Acharya and B. P. Acharya

Stochastic Analysis of Inventory System with Two Independent Poisson Demands
pp. 51-58
Authors: M. Rameshpandi, C. Periyasamy and K. Krishnan

A Fuzzy Linear Programming Model for Optimizing Agricultural Production Cost
pp. 59-70
Authors: A. Hari Ganesh and S. Jayakumar

Some Important Results on Pentagonal Graceful Graphs
pp. 71-77
Authors: D.S.T.Ramesh and M.P.Syed Ali Nisaya
















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