Journal of Computational Intelligence in Bioinformatics (IJCIB)


Volume 4 Number 2 (2011)




Identification of Putative Promoter Motifs in Hepatitis C, Dengue, Japanese Encephalitis and Yellow Fever Virus
Authors:Mamta Singh and Anindya Sundar Barman


Generation and Analysis of New Metalloprotein Database
Authors:Arul Mugilan and Ajitha Mohan


Subtractive Proteomic Approach for in Silico Identification and Characterization of Novel Drug Targets in Leishmania major.
Authors:Randhawa Vinay, Satveer Kaur and Nanda Ashina


Influence of C-H...O Interactions in the Structural Stability of Single Chain “All-Alpha” Proteins: A Comparative Study with Non-Covalent Interactions
Authors:V. Shanthi and Rao Sethumadhavan


Computational Analysis of Naturally Occurring Marine Compounds (NOMC) Targeting Gap Junctions and Cell Adhesive Molecules for the Identification of Anticancer Drug Targets 
Authors:S.K. Patel, S. Prasanth Kumar1, Y.T. Jasrai1, H.A. Pandya and R.M. Rawal


A Survey of Support Vector Machines and an Analysis of DNA Methylation Information Processing using an SVM based Online Methylator Software.
Authors:D.N.T. Kumar, Qufu Wei, Joseph Kost, Fenglin Huang
Tao Dan, Li Jing and Lu Bing


RNA Inspired Genetic Logic Devices and Functional Verification based on Calculus for Communicating Systems (CCS) Approach using Formalisms.
Authors:D.N.T. Kumar, and Qufu Wei


Insilico Analysis of Multidrug Efflux Pump Protein from Klebsiella pneumoniae and its Active Inhibition by Reserpine
Authors:S. Amala1, S. Meenakshi and S. Hemalatha


Homology Modeling of Human SMAD-1 for Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension using Modeller 9v8.
Authors:Vikas Sharma and Amita Mahajan


Insilco Homology Modeling & Drug Designing of Crystal Structure of the Von Willebrand Factor a Domain of Human Capillary Morphogenesis Protein Involved in Anthrax
Authors:Tappa Mohammad Munawar and P. Mamatha


Modelling Gene Regulatory Network from Microarray Data Using Modified Genetic Algorithm
Authors:Vineetha S., Chandra Shekara Bhat C. and Sumam Mary Idicula


Development of Biomedical Systems based on Electric Transport Properties of Biological Molecules
Authors:Abhinav Gupta






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