Journal of Wavelet Theory and Applications (JWTA)

Volume 1  Number 1 (2007)





Construction of Regular and Irregular Shearlet Frames
pp. 1-12

Authors: Gitta Kutyniok and Demetrio Labate

Chebyshev Wavelet Transforms
pp. 13-30

Authors: R.S. Pathak and C.P. Pandey


Interval Wavelets Adapted to Monomial Differential Operators
pp. 31-63

Authors: R. Vaillancourt and Victor G. Zakharov


Shannon Wavelet Series Expension of a Class of Generalized Functions
pp. 65-81

Authors: J. N. Pandey


Wavelet optimized finite difference method using interpolating wavelets for solving singularly perturbed problems
pp. 83-96

Authors: Vivek Kumar and Mani Mehra

Wavelet Packet and TCQ Coding for SAR Raw Data Compression

pp. 97-114

Authors: Gowtham Tammana and Yuan F. Zheng


Adaptive Wavelet Filters For Image Coding

pp. 115-124

Authors: N. Terki, N. Doghmane, S. Medouakh, Z. Baarir


Transition Matrix Computation and Reduction of Boundary Error Using Smooth Multiwavelet Bases

pp. 125-140

Authors: E.P. Sumesh and Elizabeth Elias






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