International Journal of Educational Administration (IJEA)


Author benefits:

The benefits of publishing in International Journal of Educational Administration (IJEA) includes:

* Fast publication times: your paper will appear online as soon as it is ready, in advance of 
print version 
* Excellent editorial standards 
* Free colour in electronic version 
* Access free on-line issue of journal for one year. 
* A rigorous, fast and constructive peer review process 
* All abstracts and full text available free on-line to all main universities/institution Worldwide ensures promotion to the widest possible audience.

Submission: Authors are requested to submit their papers electronically to with mention journal title (IJEA) in subject line.


Publication Time: Author will receive print journal copy WITHIN 15 days after payment of publication charges and submission of copyright form.


Publication Cost: Authors of accepted papers are requested to arrange page charges of their papers at the rate of US$25 per page (Rs.500 per page for Indian Authors), which will be invoiced, through the author, to the author's company, institute, or agency. Twenty Five reprints of a paper are provided to the authors ex-gratis. Additional sets of reprints may be ordered at the time of proof correction. Page charges are mandatory and omitted ONLY when it will be highly recommended by Editors-in-chief to us for publication.


Subject Coverage:Topics suitable for IJEA include but are not limited to:

·                     Institutional Management

·                     New Initiative

·                     Educational Leadership

·                     E-Governance of University

·                     University Technology transfers

·                     Innovation issues

·                     Educational leadership

·                     Research and Development

·                     Continuing Education

·                     Consultancy in educational Institutions

·                     Industry Institute Partnership

·                     Development of Professional/ Technical Education to a new dimension

·                     Induction Training programmes

·                     Role of Technical Education in the new Economic Scenario

·                     Role of teachers in Professional Education

·                     Teachers’ Motivation

·                     General principles of teaching and learning

·                     Planning of Teaching

·                     Curriculum Design by understanding the objectives 

·                     Teaching schedule planning / Lesson planning

·                     Policy planning

·                     Determining instructional methods

·                     Learning processes through laboratory 

·                     Leadership style of principals, vice chancellors, head of institutions

·                     Organizational process in technical and professional institutions

·                     Developing knowledge Centres in Institutions/ Universities


Specific Notes for Authors

Submitted papers should not have been previously published nor be currently under consideration for publication elsewhere. All papers are refereed through a double blind process.

Normally, manuscripts should not exceed 30 pages in length. All tables should be included in the electronic file. Figures may be submitted in separate electronic files, preferably as TIFF or JPEG images. Figures must be of sufficient resolution for high-end printing. All copy should be typed, double-spaced in Times New Roman 12-point font with notes, references, tables, and figures appearing at the end of the manuscript.


Author Identification: Manuscripts should include a cover sheet with the title, author’s name, address, phone number, fax number, and e-mail address, along with a brief biographical statement (8-10 sentences). If the article was authored by more than one person, coauthors’ names, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, and biographical statements should also be included. However, to assure appropriate blind review, the author’s name or identifying information should NOT appear in headers, footers, reference list, or other portions of the manuscript text. 


Frequency of Publication:




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