Communications in Differential and Difference Equations (CDDE)

Volume 2, Number 1-2 (2011)   





Solution of a Weakly Regular Singular Class of Boundary Value Problems by Variational Iteration Method

PP. 1-11

Author: Bhupesh K. Tripathi


An Approximate Solution of Inflitration Phenomena under Magnetic Field Effect

pp. 13-20

Authors: N.B. Vyas, M.N. Mehta and T.R. Patel


A Production Inventory Model for Deteriorating Items by Taking into Account Time Value of Money

pp. 21-30

Authors: Meena Batra, Vikramjeet Singh and Shahbaz Alam


Common Fixed Point Theorem in Intuitionistic Menger Spaces

pp. 31-38

Authors: Rajesh Shrivastava, Animesh Gupta and R.N. Yadav


Linear Path Decomposition of Lobster

pp. 39-47

Authors: E. Ebin Raja Merly and N. Gnanadhas


Intuitionistic Fuzzy Ideals of Semigroups

pp. 49-55

Authors: N. Palaniappan and N. Lalithamani


Graph Equations Involving Line Graphs

pp. 57-61

Authors: M.I. Jinnah and S. Beena


A Results on Fixed Points in Dislocated Quasi-metric Space

pp. 63-66

Authors: P.L. Sanodiya, Ritu Sahu and Manoj Ughade


A Study on Fuzzy Games using Fuzzy Number Matrices

pp. 67-74

Authors: D. Stephen Dinagar and T. Porchelvi


Dual Integral Equations Involving a Generalised Function–I

pp. 75-80

Author: Archana Lala






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