Global Journal of Mathematical Sciences: Theory and Practical


Volume 2, Number 3a (2010)  






A Common Fixed Point Theorem for Six Self Maps under the -Compatible Mappings of Type (C)
pp. 187-201
Authors: M. Rangamma, Swathi Mathur and P. Srikanth Rao

Influence of Critical Parameters on Mixed Convective MHD Flow and Mass Transfer Over an Acclerated Infinite Inclined Plate
pp. 203-210
Authors: D. Vijay Kumar and Ch. V. Ramana Murthy

EOQ Model with Time Dependent Demand and Quantity Dependent Holding Cost Function in Payments with Time Dependent Demand Rate
pp. 211-217
Authors: R.P. Tripathi and Manoj Kumar

On Meromorphic Multivalent Functions 
pp. 219-223
Authors: Rabha W. Ibrahim and Maslina Darus

Robustness of Simultaneous Estimation Methods to Varying Degrees of Correlation Between Pairs of Random Deviates
pp. 225-232
Authors: O. Oyamakin and A.A. Adepoju

On Projective Ø-Recurrent Lorentzian Para-Sasakian Manifolds
pp. 233-238
Authors: Dhruwa Narain, Sunil Kumar Yadav and Sudhir Kumar Dubey

Lie Symmetries for a 2D Non Linear Heat Equation with Source 
pp. 239-246
Authors: Varun Jerath and V.G. Gupta

Congruence lattice of Algebraic Neutral Lattice 
pp. 247-254
Authors: B. Chellappa and M. Jeyakumar

Convexity and Extension in Generalized 2-Normed Space
pp. 255-260
Authors: Reeja P.V. and K.T. Ravindran

Analytical Study of a Special Case of Complex Canonical Transform
pp. 261-270
Authors: P.R. Deshmukh and A.S. Gudadhe

Effect of Critical Parameters on Convective MHD Flow Past on Acclerated Infinite Vertical Porous Plate
pp. 271-280
Authors: Ch. V. Ramana Murthy and Y.P.C.S. Anil Kumar

On Symmetric Lorentzian -Sasakian Manifolds
pp. 281-288
Authors: D. Narain, S. Yadav and D.L. Suthar

Distributive Convex -Submodule
Authors: R. Meenakshi and R. Natarajan

Two Summation Formulae based on Half Argument and Involving Hypergeometric Function
pp. 295-307
Authors: Salahuddin, Shakeeluddin and O.P. Garg

Evaluation of Certain Summation Formulae Involving Gauss Theorem
pp. 309-316
Author: Salahuddin




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