Global Journal of Mathematical Sciences :Theory and Practical (GJMS)



Volume 7, Number 1, (2015)







A Study On Martingales Transforms And Its Sharp Inequality

pp. 1-6

T.Vasanthi  & Miss.M.Slochana


One Modulo Three Geometric Mean Labeling of Graphs

pp. 7-15

S. Somasundaram S,.S. Sandhya S,.P. Viji


Kähler manifold with a special type of semi-symmetric non-metric connection

pp. 1724

B. B. Chaturvedi, P. N. Pandey


Location of Zeros of Polynomials with Restricted Coefficients

pp. 25-44

P. Ramulu, C. Gangadhar, G.L. Reddy








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