Global Journal of Mathematical Sciences :Theory and Practical (GJMS)



Volume 9, Number 3, (2017)





Mathematical model of Unemployment- an analysis with delay
pp. 225-237
Gulbanu Pathan and P.H.Bhathawala

Fixed point for generalized ξ-α expansive mappings in cone metric space
pp. 239-249
Monika Verma and Nawneet Hooda

Fuzzy Coloring Circular Interval Graphs of Integer Decomposition With Constant Variables
pp. 251-259
K. Kalaiarasi and R.Divya

Strong Convergence Theorem for Common Solution of Variational Inequality and Fixed Point of λ-Strictly Pseudo-contractive Mapping in Uniformly Smooth Banach Space
pp. 261276
Poonam Mishra and Raksha Rani Agrawal

An interactive Glucose- Insulin regulation under the influence of Externally Ingested Glucose (GIG - I - E) model
pp. 277-285
Anuradha Devi, Ranjan Kalita and Aditya Ghosh

Fuzzy semi-regular subset of Fuzzy topological space
pp. 287-293
Md. Arshaduzzaman

Forced Convective Second Grade Fluid Flow in a Rotating System with Hall Effects
pp. 295-309
Hridi Ranjan Deb

Neutrosophic Q-fuzzy left N-subgroups of a Near-ring
pp. 311-321
K. Thirusangu, S. Poornavel and R. Vasuki

Edge-Odd Graceful Labeling for Sum of a Path and a Finite Path
pp. 323-335
A. Solairaju, G. Balasubramanian and B. Ambika

Radio mean labeling of Path and Cycle related graphs
pp. 337-345
K. Sunitha, C. David Raj and A. Subramanian

Cartesian Product of Two S-Valued Graphs
pp. 347-345
M.Sundar and M.Chandramouleeswaran


The Connected Total Monophonic Number of A Graph

pp. 357-366

P. Arul Paul Sudhahar, V.K. Kalai Vani and A. Vijayan


Heat and Mass Transfer on Flat Plate with Suction and Injection (Pr 1)

pp. 367-386

P. Palanichamy


On Implicative and Strong Implicative Filters of Lattice Wajsberg Algebras

pp. 387-397

A. Ibrahim and D. Saravanan


Contra Harmonic Mean Labeling of Disconnected Graphs

pp. 399-411

S.S. Sandhya, S.Somasundaram and J. Rajeshni Golda


A Study on Generalized Generalized Quasi hyperbolic Kac Moody algebra QHGGH1(9) of rank 10

pp. 413-422

A. Uma Maheswari


On the Entropy Numbers of a Bounded Linear Operator and Its Conjugate

pp. 423-426

Nuno C. Freire


Pricing floating strike lookback put option under heston stochastic volatility

pp. 427439

Teferi DerejeWirtu, Philip Ngare and Ananda Kube







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