International Journal of Chemistry and Applications (IJCA)



Volume 10, Number 2 (2018)





Evolution of High Speed Railway Communication system towards 5G: A Unique Scalable Model using Distributed Mobile Relays
Yu Liu

Implementation of the cryptographic algorithm “Present” in different microcontroller type embedded software platforms

Yu Liu

Dynamic CH selection and Intrusion Detection in WSN using Reinforced Weighted Approximation based Adaptive SEECH: An Optimized Routing framework

Huicong Liang

Benchmarking of the Performance of Spectrum Mobility Models in Cognitive Radio Networks

Wei Wang, Meiqin Wang and Lein Harn

Interactive Visual Effect Simulation for TV Virtual Studio

Ching-Fang Hsu

Scientific Aspects of Productivity Management In The Investment and Construction Sector

Yiyuan Luo, Xuejia Lai and Xuejia Lai





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