International Journal of Chemistry and Applications (IJCA)



Volume 11, Number 1 (2019)





Improved Design of a Wheeled Hybrid Mobile Robot, Modeling and Co-Simulation
Min Dong


Portable Camera Based Text Reading of Objects for Blind Persons

Zhihua Niu


Assessment of Computer Robotics Programming Needs of Computer Education and Electrical/Electronic Technology Students for Improving Academic Performance in Universities in South
Eastern Nigeria


Experimental Studies of the Effectiveness of the Design for the Cross-Axle Redistribution of the Weight Load of the Car

Iván García-Magariño


Biometric Finger Vein based Bank Security System Using ARDUINO and GSM Technology

Raquel Lacuesta, Lu Zhou and Mingchao Liao


Evaluation Model Based on Artificial Neural Networks for the use and Appropriation of Information and Communication Technologies in Higher Education Teachers

Cao Yuan and Haoyu Zhang


Comparison Study of PID Controller Tuning using Classical/Analytical Methods

Xiaojuan Zhang




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