International Journal of Chemistry and Applications


Volume 2, Number 3 (2010)  






Removal of Cr (VI) by using Oscillatoria sp. from Waste Water
pp. 95-105
Authors: Hassan Rezaei, Satish D Kulkarni, Praveen G Saptarshi

Polymerizable Dyes
pp. 107-114
Authors: Smita Jauhari and Medha Joshi

Adsorption of Chromium(III) from Aqueous Solution Using Acid Treated Soapnut Tree Stem Bark Carbon
pp. 115-122
Authors: A. Sreenivasulu, K.V.S. Narayana, K.V. Sharma, Ch. Ravi Kiran and Y. Sudhakar

Spectral and Antimicrobial Studies of Coordination Compounds of Lead (II) with Semicarbazones and Thiosemicarbazones
pp. 123-129
Authors: Arpita Verma, Shilpa Sharma, K.B. Bansal, Monika Gupta, S. Varshney and A.K. Varshney

Spectrophotometric Determination of Copper and Zinc from the Industrial Effluents
pp. 131-138
Authors: K. Shanthalakshmi and S.L. Belagali 

Removal of Ni (II) by using Oscillatoria Sp. from Waste Water
pp. 139-149
Authors: Hassan Rezaei, Satish D. Kulkarni, Praveen G. Saptarshi

Photochemical Synthesis & Spectroscopic Studies of Tetraalkyl Diphosphine Disulfides and their Complexes with M(CO)4(η2:2-1,5-cyclooctadiene) [M = Cr, Mo &W] as M(CO)4 Transfer Reagent
pp. 151-159
Authors: Ayodhya Singh, Munesh Kumar and Manish Kaushik

A Review of Chemical Profile of Vitex Species
pp. 161-166
Authors: L. Cathrine and N. Prabavathi Nagarajan

The Assessment of Chemistry Teachersí Perceptions in Balancing of Chemical Equations through the Application of Simulation Games
pp. 167-177
Authors: T. Assafuah, J.K. Eminah and Y. Ameyaw

Studentsí Conceptions on Balancing Chemical Equations
pp. 179-188
Authors: T. Assafuah, Y. Ameyaw and J.K. Eminah

Studentsí Performance in Balancing of Chemical Equations using Simulation Games Approach (SGA) in a Senior High School in Ghana.
pp. 189-200
Authors: T. Assafuah, J. K. Eminah and Y. Ameyaw

Biologically Active Quinoxaline Efficiently Synthesis under Mild Conditions
pp. 201-205
Authors: Vishvanath D.Patil, Priyanka Rege, Jaymala Patil, Ganesh Dere, Jyotsna S. Thakur Ravisha V. Patil

Spectrophotometric Method for the Determination of Pseudoephedrine in Bulk and Formulations
pp. 207-212
Authors: Krishnamoorthy Balamurugan and Kannan Gokulakrishnan

Chromatographic Resolution of the Enantiomers of Phenylephrine by Using Molecularly Imprinted Polymer as the Stationary Phase
pp. 213-220
Authors: Krishnamoorthy Balamurugan and Kannan Gokulakrishnan




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