International Journal of Chemistry and Applications (IJCA)


Volume 4, Number 1 (2012)




Synthesis, Growth and Spectroscopic Studies of Marine Dye Nlo Material: Disodium 2-(1,3- Dioxoinden-2-Yl)Quinoline-6,8-Disulfonate (Quinoline Yellow) Crystals
Authors:M. Jayandran and V. Balasubramanian


Biosynthesis of Gold Nanoparticles by using Epicarp of Pomegranate Fruit
Authors:Shalini Chauhan and Mukesh Kumar Upadhyay


Geochemistry of Shales of Barail group Occurring in and around Mandardisa, North Cachar Hills, Assam; India: Its Implications
Authors:Sujata Sen, Pradip Kumar Das, Balen Bhagaboty
and L. Joy Chandra Singha


A Study of Morphology of Synthesized Nano Zinc Oxide and its Application in Photodegradation of Malachite Green Dye using Different Sources of Energy
Authors:Shanthi S. and Muthuselvi U.


Chromatographic Separation of Heavy Metal by Used of Aminoplast as a Stationary Phase.
Authors: Sarang S. Dhote, Lata Deshmukh and L. Paliwal


Structure Determination of Rauwolfia Serpentina Benth Water Soluble Seed Polysaccharide by Methylation Studies
Authors: Dhiresh Kumar Pathak, Prarina Pandita, Manoj Bisht,
H.S. Choudhary and Reena Yadav


A Heterogeneous Precipitate based Sodium Membrane Ion Selective Electrode: Its Preparation and Analytical Application
Authors: J. Thamarai Selvi and P.R. Aiswarya Lakshmy






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