International Journal of Chemistry and Applications (IJCA)



Volume 5, Number 2 (2013)





A Study on the Synthesis and Antibacterial Evaluation of Certain Copolyesters Containing Bischalcone Moiety in the Main Chain

pp. 73-81

Authors: M. Chitra, D. Reuben Jonathan, Y.C. Rajan and V. Duraipandian


Synthesis and Anti Bacterial Activities of Novel Phthalide Derivatives

pp. 83-87

Authors: Talluri Bhushaiah Chowdary, A. Parveen Sulthana, Sreerag Gopi, and K. Mohandoss


Characterization of Phenolic Content and Antioxidant Properties of Soybean Seeds

pp. 89-104

Authors: Chitra Gupta, Ravi Kant Kannaujia, Rohit Verma, Rabia Kouser and Mohd. Asif


Synthesis, Spectral Characterization Powder X-Ray Diffraction and Antifungal Activities of Cr(III), Co(II), Ni(II), Hg(II) and Cd(II) Complexes with Nicotinic Hydrazide and Nitrite Ion as Ligands

pp. 105-110

Authors: Balasubramaniyan S and Paulraj A


The Study of Ligating Ability of Products of Degradative Oxidation of Crotonaldehyde by Ditertiary Butyl Chromate and Ditertiary Amyl Chromate

pp. 111-115

Authors: H.O.Pandey, Sangita Katre and Anita Kumari Gupta


Isolation and Characterization Studies of Moringa Oleifera Root Starch as a Potential Pharmaceutical and Industrial Biomaterial

pp. 117-126

Authors: Fagbohun Adebisi, Afolayan Michael, Ikokoh Patrick, Olajide Olutayo, Adebiyi Adedayo, Fatokun Olakunle, Ayesanmi Ademola and Orishadipe Abayomi


Synthesis and Antimicrobial Activity of some new 1’–[1–Methyl–{(N–alkyl Phthalyl)–benzimidazolo}]–4’–(3’’/4’’/3’’, 4’’–substituted Benzylidene)–4’, 5’–dihydro–2’–alkyl–imidazol–5’–ones

pp. 127-132

Author: Shipra Bhati


Liquid-liquid extraction and spectrophotometric determination of Co(II) with N,N’bis (O-hydroxy acetophenone) ethylene diimine derivative as an analytical reagent 

pp. 133-139

Authors: Authors: Jayashree S. Pati, Rama S. Lokhande, S.B. Dharap, Poonam P. Shevede and Sonali patil


Sorption of Dyes using Cucurbituril

pp. 141-151

Authors: C. Sheeba Nesakumari, T. Jaba Priya and R. Wilfred Sugumar


Quantitative Analysis of Chemical Contaminants in Ghanaian Herbal Alcoholic Bitters

pp. 153-167

Authors: Kwaku Kyeremeh, Felix Worlanyo Agbemafo and Regina Appiah-Opong





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