International Journal of Computational Science and Mathematics


Volume 2, Number 1-2 (2010)  






Discriminating Among Overlapping Parametric Models and Estimating Survivorship Function of Insects Mortality
pp. 1-10
Authors: Wasi Alam and Ajit Chaturvedi

Global Stability of A Commensal-Host Ecological Model with Variable Commensal Co-Efficient
pp. 11-17
Authors: N. Phani Kumar and N.Ch. Pattabhi Ramacharyulu

Results on Mealy–Type Fuzzy Machines
pp. 19-29
Authors: S.R. Chaudhari and S.A. Morye

Offline Minimum Cost Edge Coloring
pp. 31-38
Authors: Vinay Kr. Singhal, Gunjan Verma, Akanksha Rastogi and Sharad Kr. Verma

On Operators of Weighted Composition Induced Byoperator Valued Mappings Acting Between Lpspaces
pp. 39-44
Authors: Kuldip Raj, Sadhana Tiwari and Sunil K. Sharma

Chemical Reaction and Radiation in MHD Free Convection Flow Near the Lower Stagnation Point of Porous Isothermal Cylinder in the Presence of Thermophoresis
pp. 45-52
Authors: Navneet Joshi and Manoj Kumar

The Super Line Graph of Index 3 
pp. 53-65
Authors: Manjula K. and B. Sooryanarayana

On Certain Summation Formulae Involving Hypergeometric Function 
pp. 67-76
Authors: O.P. Garg, Salahuddin and Shakeeluddin

Uniformly Convergent Finite Difference Scheme for Singular Perturbation Problem arising in Chemical Reactor Theory
pp. 77-90
Author: K. Selvakumar

Operational Availability of Marine Vehicle System using Neural Network Approach
pp. 91-99
Authors: Ekata, Neeraj Gupta and S.B. Singh




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