International Journal of Computational Science and Mathematics


Volume 2, Number 3a (2010)  






Non–Darcy Effects on Hydromagnetic Convective Heat and Mass Transfer Flow of a Chemically Reacting Fluid in a Vertical Channel with Heat Generation
pp. 209-216
Authors: Sudha Mathew, P. Raveendra Nath and P. Sreenivasa Rao

Constructions of Q-BI Fuzzy Ideals Over Sub Semi-Groups with Respect to (T,S) Norms
pp. 217-223
Authors: S.V. Manemaran and B. Chellappa

Construction and Evalution of Performance Measures for One Plan Suspension System
pp. 225-235
Authors: K.K. Suresh and V. Sangeetha

A Crack Problem for Initially Stressed Neo-Hookean Solids 
pp. 237--245
Authors: Rashid Ali, V.K. Singh and A.K. Singh

On Secondary Unitary Matrices 
pp. 247-253
Authors: S. Krishnamoorthy and A. Govindarasu

Application of Harmonic Convexity to Multi-objective Non-linear Programming Problems
pp. 255-266
Authors: Shifali Bhargava and Abhishek Agrawal

A Stochastic Model for the Expected Time to Recruitment in a Single Graded Manpower System with Two Thresholds Having SCBZ Property
pp. 267-275
Authors: A. Srinivasan and J.B. Esther Clara

Transient Solution of An M/M/1/N Queue Subject to Uniformly Distributed Catastrophic Intensity with Restoration
pp. 277-283
Authors: N.K. Jain and Gulab Singh Bura

Discrete Time, Cost and Quality Trade-Off Problem with Renewable and Nonrenewable Resources
pp. 285-290
Authors: N. Ravi Shankar, M.M.K. Raju and P. Hima Bindu

Optimum Replenishment Policies for Time Decaying Items with Selling Price and Stock Dependent Demand
pp. 291-299
Authors: Vikramjit Singh, Anubhav Partap Singh and Pankaj Kaushal

A Study on Divorce Problem using Combined Overlap Block Neutrosophic Cognitive Maps
pp. 301-308
Authors: M.R. Bivin and N. Saivaraju

Linear Programming the Simplex Algorithm and Simple Polytopes
pp. 309-324
Authors: Das Sashi Bhusan, Biswal Bagaban and J.P. Tripathy




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