International Journal of Computational Science and Mathematics


Volume 3, Number 1 (2011)  






A Computational Procedure for Solving Singular Perturbation Problems Arising in Control System using Shooting Method
pp. 1-10
Author: K. Selvakumar

Optimal and Uniform Finite Difference Scheme for Singularly Perturbed Riccati Equation
pp. 11-18
Author: K. Selvakumar

A Computational Method for Solving Singular Perturbation Problems without First Derivative Term
pp. 19-34
Author: K. Selvakumar

An Inventory Model for Product Life Cycle with Defective Items and Shortages Allowed
pp. 35-46
Author: C. Krishnamoorthi

Study of Approximate Value of Real Definite Integral by Mixed Quadrature Rule Obtained from Richardson Extrapolation
pp. 47-53
Authors: S.R. Jena and R.B. Dash

A Decision Making Model in Production Planning using Lexicographic Goal Programming Approach under Preemptive Priority Structure
pp. 55-60
Authors: Snehalata Behura

A Note on Characterization of Intuitionistic Fuzzy Ideals in Γ- Near-Rings
pp. 61-71
Authors: N. Palaniappan, P.S. Veerappan and D. Ezhilmaran

On Some Graph Theoretical Techniques for Biological Networks
pp. 73-92
Authors: V. Yegnanarayanan

Solving the Job-Shop Scheduling Problem by using Genetic Algorithm
pp. 93-98
Authors: Smita Verma, Megha Jain and Dinesh Choudhary

Intuitionistic Fuzzy Linear Transformations
pp. 99-108
Authors: A.R. Meenakshi and T. Gandhimathi


A Note on a Common Fixed Point Theorem in Cone Metric Spaces of Huang, Zhu and Wen
Authors:K.P.R. Sastry, Ch. Srinivasarao, K. Sujatha and G. Praveena


A Mathematical Model of Multi-Criteria Transportation Problem with Application of Exponential Membership Function
Authors:P.K. De and Bharti Yadav


Solution of Differential Equation from the Transform Technique
Authors:S. Vishwa Prasad Rao, P.S. Rama Chandra Rao
and C. Prabhakara Rao


Operational Study of a Standby System Incorporating the Concept of Delay in Time with Critical Human Error and Environmental Failure
Authors:Sachin Kumar, Anand Tyagi and Sanjay Goel




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