International Journal of Computational Science and Mathematics


Volume 3, Number 3 (2011)  





A New Method of Proportion for Solving Nonlinear Equations
Authors:Jayanta Dutta and S.C. Pal


An Algorithm for Capacitated n-Index Transportation Problem
Authors:S.C. Sharma and Abha Bansal


Interaction of Peristalsis with Heat Transfer of Visco Elastic Rivlin Erickson Fluid through a Porous Medium under the Magnetic Field
Authors:T. Raghunatha Rao and Dr. D.R.V. Prasada Rao


Survival Proportions of CABG Patients: A New Approach
Authors:Khizar H. Khan, M. Saleem and Zafar Mahmud


Flow of an Unsteady Conducting Dusty Fluid between a Non-torsional Oscillating Plate and a Long Wavy Wall
Authors:Mahesha, B.J. Gireesha, G.K. Ramesh and C.S. Bagewadi


Computing Shortest Distance in Hamiltonian Decomposition using Eigen Values
Authors:Murugesan N. and Vanadhi T.


Short Term Prediction of Surface Ozone using Artificial Neural Network Model in an Urban Area
Authors:R. Samuel Selvaraj and G. Geetha


Higher Order Methods on Layer Adapted Grids for Boundary Value Problems with Turning Points
Authors:Weiqun Zhang


A Partial Solution to an Open Problem in Strict Menger Probabilistic Metric Spaces
Authors:K.P.R. Sastry, G.A. Naidu, P.V.S. Prasad and S.S.A. Sastri


Reliability Analysis of a Bridge and Parallel Series Networks with Critical and Non- Critical Human Errors: A Block Diagram Approach.
Authors:M.V. Phanikumari, A. Mallikarjuna Reddy and R. Bhuvanavijaya





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