International Journal of Computational Science and Mathematics (IJCSM)


Volume 4, Number 3 (2012)   





Non-Split Dominating Set of an Interval Graph using an Algorithm
pp. 167-174
Authors: Dr. A. Sudhakaraiah, V. Rama Latha and E. Gnana Deepika

EOQ Model for Weibull Deteriorating Items with Linear Demand under Permissable Delay in Payments
pp. 175-185
Authors: Shital S. Patel and R.D. Patel

Stochastic Modeling on Stage Dependent Mutant Cell Growth
pp. 187-196
Authors: K. Madhavi, P. Tirupathi Rao and S. Ramakrishna

Replacement Problem for a Single Unit Cold Stand by System using Two Monotone Process
pp. 197-207
Authors: Dr. B. Venkata Ramudu, Prof. P. Mohammed Akthar and M. Bhagya Lakshmi

Reconstruction of the Functions on the Cylindrical object from Scattered Data with Noise: An Application to Tomography
pp. 209-213
Authors: Manasa Dash and Swadheenananda Pattanayak

Inequalities among Well Known Divergence Measures and Triangular Discrimination
pp. 215-224
Authors: K.C. Jain and Ram Naresh Saraswat

An Algorithm on the Decomposition of Some Complete Tripartite Graphs
pp. 225-232
Authors: R. Franklin Richard and N. Gnana Dhas

On Unified Finite Integrals Involving τ,ϐ Pm,n(z) Function, Multivariable H-function, -function and  [x] Polynomial
pp. 233-242
Authors: Dr. Rashmi Jain and Padama Kumawat

Metric Dimension in Product Graphs
pp. 243-248
Author: B. Shanmukha

A Hybrid Group Acceptance Sampling Plans for Lifetimes Based on Inverse Rayleigh Distribution
pp. 249-256
Authors: Dr. A. R. Sudamani Ramaswamy and Priyah Anburajan

Domain Pairs of Sodium Niobate (NaNbo3) Crystal
pp. 257-265
Authors: M. Vijaya Laxmi and Prof. S. Uma Devi


Intuitionistic Fuzzy Ideals in Hyper BCI-Algebras
pp. 271-285
Authors: N. Palaniappan, P. S. Veerappan and R. Devi

M/M/2/K Interdependent Queueing Model with Controllable Arrival Rates and Feedback
pp. 287-298
Authors: G. Rani and A. Srinivasan

Simplex Method and Non-Linear Programming
pp. 299-303
Authors: K.A. Bhat and A. Ahmed





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