International Journal of Computational Science and Mathematics (IJCSM)



Volume 7, Number 1 (2015)   





Fuzzy 2-Bounded Linear Operators
pp. 1-9
Parijat Sinha, Ghanshyam Lal and Divya Mishra

Properties Of Level Subsets Of An Intuitionistic Fuzzy  Subsemiring Of A Semiring
pp. 11-17
D. Mydhily and R. Natarajan

Number Of Real Zeros Of Random Trigonometric Polynomial
pp. 19-24
P.K.Mishra, A.K.Mahapatra and Dipty Rani Dhal

A modified form of conjugate direction for general nonlinear function and its convergence
pp. 25-31
Sumit Saha and Biprajit Nath


A finite capacity multiserver loss and delay interdependent retrial queueing model with controllable arrival rates and no passing
pp. 3344
B. Antline Nisha and M. Thiagarajan







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