International Journal of Electronics and Communication Engineering   IJECE)


Volume 5, Number 4 (2012)   




Algorithms for Propagation Effects and Remedies in Microwave Applications
pp. 381-387
Authors: K. Sudhakar and Dr. M.V. Subramanyam


New Watermarking Scheme for Gray Image Based on DWT and SVD-DCT
pp. 389-397
Authors: Jagdeep Kaur, Rakesh Khanna and Deepali Sandhu


Performance Evaluation of Coherent and Non-Coherent Detectors for the Reception of Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (QAM) Signals
pp. 399-406
Authors: Ojo. F.K., Akande. D.O., Ogunti. E.O. and Adegbola O.A.


Interfacing of Automatic Gas Control Unit with Atomic Absorption Spectrophotomer via PC
pp. 407-415
Authors: Gnana Tejaswi Punukollu and Dileep Chappidi


Design of Probe Feed Microstrip Patch Antenna in SBand
pp. 417-423
Authors: Soumyojit Sinha and Anjumanara Begam


Hand Written Digit Recognition using Kalman Filter
pp. 425-434
Authors: VVKDV Prasad and PPS Subhashini


Performance Analysis of Different Ultra Wideband Planar Monopole Antennas as EMI sensors
pp. 435-445
Author: Saswati Ghosh


Performance Study of A Non-Blind Algorithm for Smart Antenna System
pp. 447-455
Authors: Umesh G. Chalva, Dr. P.V. Hungund and G.A. Bidkar


Analysis of Wireless Microcellular Network for High Speed User with Prioritize Handoff Procedure
pp. 457-469
Authors: Ariful Islam and Md. Rezaul Huque Khan


Ternary Pulse Compression Sequences Generation By Chaotic Tent Map Approach
pp. 471-476
Authors: Raja Sekhar Anneppu and A. S. Srinivasa rao


Reliable Communication Framework for Congestion Mitigation in Wireless Sensor Network Using Multiple Sinks : A Novel Approach
pp. 477-486
Authors: Dr.B.Sivakumar and S.Sowndeswari


Analysis and Circuit Realization of a New Autonomous Chaotic System
pp. 487-495
Authors: Alpana Pandey, R.K. Baghel and R. P. Singh


A Low complexity solution to the implementation of linear periodically time varying filters-FPGA implementation
pp. 505-512
Authors: Sridevi Sriadibhatla, Dr.D.Ravindra, and Prof.P.L.H.Varaprasad


Characterization of Nsukka, Nigeria Radio Space
pp. 498-503
Authors: O. L. Daniyan and C. I. Ani


A Low complexity solution to the implementation of implementation
pp. 505-512
Authors: Sridevi Sriadibhatla, Dr.D.Ravindra and Prof.P.L.H.Varaprasad


VLSI Implementation of OFDM using Efficient Mixed-Radix 8-2 FFT Algorithm with bit reversal for the output sequences.
pp. 513-520
Authors: M. Mohamed Ismail, Dr. M.J.S Rangachar and Dr.Ch. D. V. Paradesi Rao


New Logic Module for secured FPGA based system
pp. 533-543
Authors: Mr. Binu K Mathew and Dr. K.P Zachariah






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