International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology (IJERT)



Volume 11, Number 9 (2018)





A Matrix Pencil Method For the Efficient Computation of Direction of Arrival Estimation for Weakly Correlated Signals Using Uniform Linear Array in a Low SNR Regime
pp. 1347-1361
Eva Assiimwe, Elijah Mwangi and Dominic B. O. Konditi

A Study on the Effect of Jogging on Stress Reduction
pp. 1363-1370
Bong-Young Kim and Myung-Jin Bae

Relaxation Map analysis of Poly (Vinyl Chloride-co-Vinyl Acetate-co-2-Hydroxypropyl Acrylate) / Poly (Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene) Polymer Blend
pp. 1371-1382
T. Fahmy, I. A. Elsayed, H. G. Abdelwahed and W. B. Elsharkawy

Network reconfiguration and capacitor placement for power loss reduction using a combination of Salp Swarm Algorithm and Genetic Algorithm
pp. 1383-1396
Daranpob Yodphet, Arun Onlam, Rongrit Chatthaworn, Chayada Surawanitkun, Apirat Siritaratiwat and Pirat Khunkitti

Power Losses Balancing in Full-Bridge Submodule of Modular Multilevel Converter
pp. 1397-1404
Konstantin Koshelev, Alexander Matinyan, Maxim Peshkov, Viktor Karpov and Nikita Alekseev

Optical Properties of Poly (Vinyl Chloride-co-Vinyl Acetate-co-2-Hydroxypropyl Acrylate) / (Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene) Blends
pp. 1405-1415
T. Fahmy, A. Sarhan, I. A. Elsayed and H. G. Abelwahed

Smart Irrigation System Using a Fuzzy Logic Method
pp. 1417-1436
Fuseini S. Ibrahim, Dominic Konditi and Stephen Musyoki

Convergence Analysis of Modified Variable Step Block Backward Differentiation Formulae
pp. 1437-1449
Asma Izzati Asnor, Siti Ainor Mohd Yatim and Zarina Bibi Ibrahim

Satellite Communication Link Budget Optimization Using PSO & Cuckoo Search Algorithm
pp. 1451-1462
Deepika Singh, Dinesh Sethi and G.L. Sharma

A Study on Identification Rate Difference of Sound Color Marker According to Bandwidth-limited of Voice Signal
pp. 1463-1470
Bong-Young Kim and Myung-Jin Bae

A Practical Position/Velocity Estimation for Multicopter Guidance and Control
pp. 1471-1483
Jeongho Noh, Donghoon Cho and Yongkyu Song






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