International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology (IJERT)



Volume 12, Number 02 (2019)






Using Persuasive Systems to Incentivize Sustainable Smart Cities
pp. 131-140
Alami Sara, Hanoune Mostafa

Numerical Investigation of Geometry Parameters for Axisymmetric Plug Nozzle Design at High Temperature
pp. 141-150
Ahmed Abdallah Elhirtsi, Toufik Zebbiche

New Design of Socket Modules for Smart Home Applications
pp. 151-156
Monzer M. Krishan, Tariq M. Younes and Farouq M. Al-Taweel

A Study on the Validity of Speaker Identification Using Sound Color Marker
pp. 157-161
Bong-Young Kim, Sung-Tae Lee and Myung-Jin Bae

Dynamics of a nonlinear operators generated from (as)-Quadratic Stochastic Operators
pp. 162-171
Hamza Abd El-Qader, Ahmad Termimi Ab Ghani, I. Qaralleh and A. Alsarayreh

The Impact Level of the Environmental Approach on Moroccan Industries: Case Study
pp. 172-179

TERMHIGEN A Hybrid Metaheuristic Technique for Solving Large-Scale Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows
pp. 180-195
Temitayo Matthew Fagbola, Surendra Colin Thakur

Investigating the Effect of Implementation Languages and Large Problem Sizes on the Tractability and Efficiency of Sorting Algorithms
pp. 196-203
Temitayo Matthew Fagbola and Surendra Colin Thakur

Deep Learning based Human Diseases Pattern Prediction Technique for High Dimensional Human Diseases Data Sets
pp. 204-211
N.K. Sakthivel, N.P. Gopalan, S. Subasree

Image Clustering and Retrieval using LTCoP Similarity Measures
pp. 212-221
V. Alan Gowri Phivin, A.C. Subhajini

Study on the Sound Transmission Characteristics of Rescue Signal 'Ya-Ho'
pp. 222-226
Bong-Young Kim, Myung-Sook Kim and Myung-Jin Bae

The Effect of the Ground Slots up on the Bandwidth Performance for UWB Antenna
pp. 227-230
Mohamed S. Soliman, Majed O. Dwairi, Iman I. M. Abu Sulayman

A Study on Cooling Effect of Sound Components
pp. 231-236
Bong-Young Kim, Sung-Tae Lee, Myung-Sook Kim and Myung-Jin Bae

A Dual-Topology Wireless Power Transfer System with Constant Current or Constant Voltage Output for Battery Charging Application
pp. 237-244
Mojtaba Khalilian and Paolo Guglielmi

Trunk Muscle Activities during Lifting in Upright and Stooped Postures
pp. 245-254
Murali Subramaniyam, Seoung Eun Kim, Se Jin Park and Seung Nam Min

Patient Tracking System
pp. 255-259
Yahya S. H. Khraisat, Ahmad Al Ahmadi, Huthaifa Al - Issa

Designing an Interactive System for the Implementation of Distance Learning Based on Progressive Information Technology
pp. 260-263
Dr. Ziad Saraireh, Safwat Al tal , Dr. Shadi Shawawreh, Dr. Mohammad Thaher, Prof. Safwan Al Salaimeh

Visualization of the Relationship between Malicious Code Distributing and Landing Sites
pp. 264-268
Jun Yeong Jeong, Jinho Yoo


New Mathematical Studies for SurfaceWaves on Multi-layered Liquid Films

pp. 269 - 275

Khaled Zennir, Ali Allahem, Salah Boulaaras and Bahri Cherif








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