International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology (IJERT)



Volume 12, Number 04 (2019)






A hybrid genetic-fuzzy-rough-mutual information (GFRMI) based method for cancer classification
pp. 457-464
Thilagavathy Chenniappan and Rajesh Reghunadhan

Policies for Dealing with Informal Settlements by Sustainable Urban Development Approach
pp. 465-474
Mohamed Sanaa Eldeen, Mohammed Mohamed Al-Baramljee, Mohamed Reda Hajjaj and Ahmed Said Shalaby

Effect of Cutting Parameters on Surface Roughness of Tooth Side in Gleason Spiral Bevel Gear Processing by Kyocera Solid Alloy End Mills
pp. 475-481
Pham Van Dong, Hoang Xuan Thinh, Tran Ve Quoc and Nguyen Huu Phan

Multi-Objective Optimization of User Capacity for WPCN
pp. 482-485
S. Sharma and W. Yoon

Symbols Frequency based Image Coding for Stereoscopic Image
pp. 486-493
Thafseela Koya Poolakkachalil and Saravanan Chandran

Modern Application of Internet of Things in Healthcare System
pp. 494-499
Ali Hadi Abdulwahid

Implementation of a 5G Filtered-OFDM Waveform Candidate
pp. 500-507
Ali Jasim Ramadhan

Epileptic EEG Signal Classification Using Multiresolution Higuchi Fractal Dimension
pp. 508-511
Achmad Rizal, Estananto and Ratri Dwi Atmaja

Preparation of chain-extended stereocomplex PLLA-PEG-PLLA/PDLA-PEG-PDLA blends for potential use as flexible and high heat-resistant bioplastics
pp. 513-518
Yodthong Baimark, Wuttipong Rungseesantivanon, Supasin Pasee and Natcha Prakymoramas

Numerical Solution of Heat Transfer in MHD Mixed Convection Flow Micropolar Casson Fluid about Solid Sphere with Radiation Effect
pp. 519-529
Husein A. Alzgool, Hamzeh T. Alkasasbeh, Sana Abu-ghurra, Zain Al-houri and Mohammed Z. Swalmeh

A Digital Filter Bank based on a Hybrid Modified Improved Coefficient Decimation Method for Cognitive Radio Application
pp. 530-534
Bonny Mgawe and Elijah Mwangi

Design Ground Penetrating Radar
pp. 535-540
Yahya S. H. Khraisat and Ahmad Al Ahmadi

Stop-motion as a Didactic-technological Resource to Reduce Alcohol Consumption in Engineering Students
pp. 541-547
Mendoza Derling, Martínez Mayra, Yánez Samuel, Washington Lucano, Barros Renato and Navarro Mercedes

Evaluation of Knowledge Quality in the E -Learning System
pp. 548-553
Shadi Shawawreh, Saleh Ali Alomari, Mowafaq Salem Alzboon and Safwan Al Salaimeh

Development of Fuzzy Risk Score Assessment Framework for Sanctions Screening
pp. 554-562
Rogie P. Nino, Ruji P. Medina and Ariel M. Sison

A study on Image Classification based on Deep Learning and Tensorflow
pp. 563-569
Mohd Azlan Abu, Nurul Hazirah Indra, Abdul Halim Abd Rahman, Nor Amalia Sapiee and Izanoordina Ahmad

Developing Low-Amplitude Pulsating Laminar Flow In A Flat Channel
pp. 570-578
Purdin Michail Sergeevich

Effect of Parametric Changes in Convolutional Neural Networks for Pedestrian Detection - A Study
pp. 579-587
N K Ragesh and R Rajesh








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