International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology (IJERT)



Volume 12, Number 09 (2019)




Investigation of Forward Kinematics Software Program and Control of 3-DOF Manipulator Robot Using a New Developed Geometrical Approach Method for Improvement of Quality Food and Chemical Industries
pp. 1381-1388
Mohamed T. Eraky, Dmitry V. Zubov and Konstantin S. Krysanov

Estimation of Optimal Insulation Thickness for a Cylindrical Ceramic Crucible
pp. 1389-1393
Amanda O. Ndubuisi, Iyanoluwa E. Ogunrinola, Ahzegbobor P. Aizebeokhai, Anthony O. Inegbenebor and Henry O. Boyo

Detection of Lane and Driving Vehicle License Plate Extraction for Specific Purpose in C-ITS Environments
pp. 1394-1405
Daewon Kim

AC Inductor Motor Control Using Neuro-Fuzzy Network
pp. 1406-1412
Udeze, Chidiebele C, Umoh, Joan Benedict, Eneh, Joy Nnenna, Ozue, Izichukwu ThankGod and Sochima V. Egoigwe

Novel Error Detection Scheme in Communication Network Based on Complete Polynomial Check
pp. 1413-1420
Mamilus A. Ahaneku, Chibuike C. Nwonye, Vincent C. Chijindu, Udora N. Nwawelu and Michael O. Ezeja

The Impact of Varying Traffic Intensities on an Optimized Resource Reservation Model for Handover in Mobile Networks
pp. 1421-1426
Ezeja Obinna M., Ahaneku Mamilus A, Chijindu Vincent C, Eneh Joy N. and Ozue Izuchukwu T

A Study on the Subjectivity Perception Type of Irradiated Foods Using the Q Methodology
pp. 1427-1434
Kyeongho Choi and Jung Keun Cho

Flexural Performance Evaluation of Polyethylene Terephthalate Fibre Reinforced Concrete with Fly Ash as a Partial Cement Replacement
pp. 1435-1440
Rebecca Belay Kassa, Nathaniel Ambassah and Christopher Kanali

Evaluating Lifetime of Server Data based on Trace Analysis
pp. 1441-1444
Minhyun Park, Kyungah Lee and Ilhoon Shin

Development of the Basic Principles of Ecological Safety of Operating Textile Enterprises
pp. 1445-1451
Kenzhekhan Toibayev, Dilara Jartaeva1, Axaule Taubaldiyeva, Aimash Slyambaeva, Tolkin Junussov, Gulbanu Kassabekova and Saule Jumadilova

Preparation, Characterization and Application of Natural Zeolite from Tapanuli Indonesia Modified with KOH as Catalyst Support for Transesterification of Rice Bran Oil
pp. 1452-1456
Taslim, Iriany, O. Bani, S.Z.D.M. Parinduri, P.R.W. Ningsih, and N. Taruna

A Study on the Stress Reduction Effect of Reading Aloud the Book Using HRV
pp. 1457-1461
Bong-Young Kim and Myung-Jin Bae

Comparison between non-NPC interaction and NPC interaction- Taking Fallout 4 and Fallout 76 as examples
pp. 1462-1467
Yu-Tao Mo and Seok-Kyoo Kim

Assessments and Comparisons of PWR Reactor PT Limits per Deterministic and Risk Informed by ASME Code Rules
pp. 1468-1478
Joswhite Ondabu Maragia and Ihn Namgung

ASME Code Stress Evaluation of Manway Nozzle for PWR Steam Generator
pp. 1479-1484
Francis Chanzu Kevore and Ihn Namgung

Steam Generator Overall Heat Transfer Area Estimation for PWR NPP
pp. 1485-1493
Mai Quy Sang and Ihn Namgung

A Study on the Human Sensation of the Reed Wind Sound in ASMR
pp. 1494-1499
Ik-Soo Ahn, Bong-Young Kim and Myung-Jin Bae

Power Quality and Performance of Grid-Connected Solar PV System in Palestine
pp. 1500-1507
Imad Ibrik

Moodle Research Software: Emotional Context in Ecuadorian Higher Education.
pp. 1508-1517
Mendoza Velazco Derling José, Cejas Martínez Magda Francisca, Navarro Cejas Mercedes, Vega Falcón Vladimir and Albán Yánez Carlos Geovanny

Mechanism of automatic re-configuration of artificial neural networks for the identification of patterns
pp. 1518-1523
Holman Montiel Ariza, Fredy H. Martínez S. and Edwar Jacinto Gómez

Risk Assessment of Major Work Type for Prevention of Accident Occurring at Construction Sites in Korea
pp. 1524-1532
Jongsik Lee

Analysis of Operating Characteristics According to the Change of Load Resistance of the SFCL Applied the Simulation Power System
pp. 1533-1537
Shin-Won Lee

Determination of geometric factor for crack growing from a notch
pp. 1538-1543
Oscar Araque, Eduardo Perez, Luis Fabian Urrego and Laura Gallego

Effect of Wedge and Crescent Wear on Production Tubing Burst Pressure Rating
pp. 1544-1548
Mesfin Belayneh, Jan Vidar and Therese Vu

The Design and Implementation of a Big Data Technology based Patent Analysis System
pp. 1549-1555
Junghoon Shin and Joongjin Kook

Indentation Parameter Combinations on the Failure in a Coated System
pp. 1556-1560
E.A. Pérez R, J.F. Llano M and L.I. Negrin

Isolation Enhancement Between Two Slot Antenna Elements Using Complementary Split-Ring Resonators
pp. 1561-1566
Mohammed M. Bait-Suwailam

FEM Estimation and Comparison of Material Properties of Thin Spherical Perforated Plate and Thin Perforated Flat Plate
pp. 1567-1574
Collins Juma and Ihn Namgung

Optimal Design of Wind Energy System Interconnected with Utility Grid-Case Study of Egypt
pp. 1575-1583
Sultan I. EL-Ajmi, Yehia S. Mohamed, Masahito Shoyama and Ahmed A. Zaki Diab

Tolerance Calculation for Robot Kinematic Parameters to Ensure End-Effector Errors within a Predetermined Limit Area
pp. 1584-1597
Thuy Le Thi Thu and Long Pham Thanh

Pollen Grain Recognition Using In-focus Surface and Sequence Alignment
pp. 1598-1604
Sultan M. Almotairi

Source Localization Using Ultrasonic Lamb Waves with a Least Mean Squares Method
pp. 1605-1614
Daewon Kim





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